Archive | June, 2015

Storage Mistakes You Can Avoid

Storage Mistakes You Can Avoid  Even though there are many reasons for people to use self storage, most often they boil down to self storage being your salvation for a major relocation or to enabling you to free up some space around the house. Self Storage has also proved itself to be an affordable business […]

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Need to Store a Sofa?

Need to Store a Sofa?  From time to time, it might be necessary to store a sofa. People have different reasons for needing to store a sofa. Maybe you just got a new sofa, but the old sofa still looks nice and has plenty of life left and your married daughter could use it when […]

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New to Storage?

New to Storage? If you are new to storage, you are in luck! The people at Lake Tillery Storage just happen to be storage experts and we’d like to share a few tips with you. Lake Tillery Storage wants your first storage experience to be perfect in every way. Here are some ideas to make it […]

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