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Storage Blogs

Storage Blogs My wife and I have been writing storage blogs for quite a while. To date we have written over 378 separate blogs for six storage properties owned by our parent company, Lonestar Storage Properties. These great storage properties are all in the Southeast area of the country, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia […]

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Ready to Retire? Storage Can Help!

Ready to Retire? Storage Can Help!  If you have decided to retire in beautiful Central Florida you have made a great decision! There are about 3 to 4 months in the Summer when you will want to stay inside where the air conditioning is fully functioning, but the rest of the year is wonderful.  Here […]

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September 1st is Emma M. Nutt Day

September 1st is Emma M. Nutt Day Let’s celebrate! Emma Nutt started her job as the first woman telephone operator in America on September 1, 1878. For those of you that are too young to know, in the early days of the telephone there were operators that you would tell who you wanted to speak […]

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