Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Last week I let you know how to fill out most surveys.  Today I am going to talk about people who don’t think about their actions.  Imagine if you will, someone coming over to visit your home.  They are good friends of yours and you like them.  But every time they come to visit they leave cigarette butts everywhere.  Fortunately, they smoke outside, but when you go outside after they have left, there are butts in your driveway, flower beds, walkways, everywhere!

My wife and I manage Personal Mini Storage in Hernando, FL.  We are responsible for all aspects of the facility including cleaning, maintenance, and pest control.  One of my biggest pet peeves is going outside to our storage units and finding cigarette butts everywhere!  I want to know who the people that drop these butts think is going to clean them up.  I want them to know that it is my wife and I.  There is no other person that is going to follow them around and clean up after them.  Their mother does NOT live here!

It’s not just the frustration over littering, but it is also important to note that there is a sign posted by the front gate and also outside the office, and even in the contract you signed when you moved in to Personal Mini Storage that no smoking is allowed on the property. 

We like Personal Mini Storage to look clean and inviting for our customers.  We want them to think that we care about where they choose to store their possessions, because we do!  We spray to keep the bugs out; we monitor all visitors with our security system.  Everyone that comes in after business hours must use their own personal gate code to get in and out.   When our customers come in to the office we want them to feel welcome and invited.  When our customers have any storage or moving questions we want to be able to answer intelligently and concisely. 

We can do all of the above, but please remember that if you smoke and leave your butts, you play a part in whether Personal Mini Storage is an inviting place to visit!  When I was in the Army we learned to Field Strip our butts.  Please find out what that means and practice it.

That is officially my last Pet Peeve for the near future!  Have a wonderful summer and know that we will be taking good care of your precious possessions!

Personal Mini Storage
7742 Carl G. Rose Hwy
Hernando, FL 34442

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