U-Haul #2

U-Haul – What Do I Need to Know? #2

At Kensington Self-Storage we are a proud U-Haul neighborhood dealer. We want to make it easy for you to rent a truck or trailer as part of your move. In this blog last week I told you I would explain “One Way” U-Haul moves, after discussing “Local” rentals at that time.

Explaining a one way move with a U-Haul truck or trailer is MUCH harder that explaining a local move. Local moves have set prices that we can give you immediately. For a one way move many things come into play, and when you talk about pricing it is very hard to give you a quick price over the phone. We often have calls where people don’t understand why we just can’t give them a price for a trailer rental to Salt Lake City, Utah. The only way we have to give them an accurate price is to make a reservation on the U-Haul computer and let U-Haul calculate the price for the one way move.

I said many things come into play and you might be wondering what? The biggest thing is where the U-Haul equipment is. The goal at U-Haul is to have its equipment available wherever the need is greatest.  If the school year is ending, U-Haul wants lots of equipment near major university campuses so the graduating students can load up to go home. U-Haul has been in the business a very long time and they know where they need equipment and when.

If you happen to be moving to an area where U-Haul needs equipment you might get a very good deal! By the same token if you are moving to a city with a major university in September your cost might be a bit higher because all the students are arriving with U-Haul equipment also. Just remember that U-Haul will match any written bid and they know that their prices are already low.

Once you have decided on a date and reserved a truck, remember to also order moving pads and a dolly. 

U-Haul pads boxes & Dollies

U-Haul has extra-large furniture pads and three types of dollies. They have an appliance dolly with a strap that is perfect for moving major appliances. They also have a utility dolly that is great for boxes and it will speed up your loading time and save your back.

U-Haul Furniture Dolly

The last dolly is a furniture dolly that will come in very handy when it is time to move the big heavy couches.

U-Haul Boxes

And, don’t forget Moving Boxes, U-Haul has a plethora of just the right sized boxes and the prices are the best they have ever been.

The most important thing to remember is to talk to the experts at Kensington Self-Storage in Spartanburg about all things storage and moving. They will have the answers to your questions and will be ready to “get you moving”!

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